1. dennys:

    ~booth life~


  2. kimkanyekimye:

    Kim and Khloe get into a fight.



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  6. nokiabae:

    my biggest fear is I’m married & my husband says, “let’s cut sugar out of our diet” so I have to leave with the kids in the middle of the night

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  7. unamusedsloth:

    The new Godzilla movie had a lower budget than expected.

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  8. lnternoot:

    I love orange is the new black!!!

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  9. compliment:

    do you ever just want to listen to the same song for a week or maybe two

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  10. blondesquats:





    I was not ready

    Omg I’m still not ready

    I’m ready


    blasian-aesthetics drizzy can u do this ok thanks sir

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